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What is Aquatic Therapy?
To put it simply, Aquatic Therapy is the practice of Physical Therapy (PT) in the water.

Our Aquatic Therapy programs are designed by your PT as part of an individualized treatment plan to achieve your specific goals. The pool used at Impact Therapy Solutions (HYDROWORX) is specifically designed for physical therapy and is smaller than a conventional pool. It has adaptations (like handrails and a treadmill) to enhance a patient’s exercise experience. However, the water workouts are far from easy. Initially many people wonder about the benefits of Aquatic Therapy. Did you know water is more resistant than air? This will make a 30-minute aquatic workout as effective as a two-hour, full intensity workout out of the water.

When you come in as a patient, you will be treated by a hands-on therapist, and the PT will make sure you are doing the treatment routine best suited for you. As a client you will get the same benefits of the Aquatic Therapy, but it will be a less structured. Your time is important, and we want you to always know you are in control of your treatment and will have the highest quality care. With our HYDROWORX pool we can give you more freedom to recover quickly.

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