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What exactly does an occupational therapist do for residents of Temple, TX? There are many different reasons a person may require a therapist. Occupational simply refers to any normative physical activities that a functioning person does throughout the day to live a full and successful life. I.e., going to work or school, feeding and cooking for oneself, putting on clothes, etc. It can be easy to take for granted how much skill is actually requires for these seemingly simple tasks – until they are no longer in your capability.

For those who possess mental or physical disabilities, whether they be pre-existing conditions, or the result of a bodily trauma such as a significant injury or an invasive surgical procedure – the everyday basics of how to be an independent human can be a struggle.Our occupational therapists are part of our outpatient physical therapy clinic and exist to help with the basic motor functions and everyday occupational skills that are required to live an independent life.

Pediatric Occupational Therapists Work With Your Children

When it comes to injuries and recovering bodily trauma, the recovery can be much more intensive than simply regaining your physical strength. Many of the things we do in our day to life are skills that are maintained through repetition, and when all of our habits suddenly cease for an extended period of time, some of those basic abilities are lost – but, not necessarily forever. An occupational therapist can be the key to reclaiming your former life and independence. Many people who have heard of occupational therapy think that it is only for disabled children to learn limited functional skills. But, at our outpatient physical therapy clinic, it is used to help all those who may be struggling with day to day activities. For some, the unexpected loss of such normal skills from an accident or injury can be both devastating and confusing, but our therapists are there to guide you back to your true self. For the children who may have been born with certain developmental disabilities, we have pediatric occupational therapist treatments that exist to help them grow as strong and independent as they can be, teaching them to believe in themselves and to pursue independence wherever possible. You’ll be amazed at the impact it can have on a child’s confidence and sense of self. There are many factors that can affect one’s basic abilities, and not all of them come in the form of a sudden injury or accident. Degenerative diseases like arthritis, Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s can also affect your day to day bodily function. Whatever it is that is causing your difficulties, there is a therapeutic occupational treatment to help you overcome it. Where can I find the nearest Occupational therapist? Find everything you need at Impact Therapy Solutions in Temple, TX. We offer this service and many others at our physical therapy clinic, including:

Call us today for more information and to book an appointment. While most of our patients come to us to recover after an injury or accident has rendered them in need of recovery, anyone seeking the help of an occupational therapist is welcome to make an appointment. We exist to help you discover your best possible self.

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