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What will Physical Therapy (PT) do for you?
PT will provide you with an environment to enable your body to heal, de-stress and recover from most disorders affecting your daily living and keep you from the activities you enjoy.

Who is a Physical Therapist (PT)?
A Physical Therapist is a Healthcare professional that will treat patients of all ages and disorders and will be used to rehab someone who is recovering from a surgery or an injury that was sustained in an accident. A PT will treat you with an individualized evaluation and will make a plan to help you with treatment techniques and exercises to restore movement, reduce pain, and prevent disability. On top of feeling better, PT will provide you some fitness routines and wellness programs to help you when you are finished with your therapy so you can go live a healthier and more active life.

Why should you choose IMPACT Therapy Solutions to be your hometown PT Provider?

At Impact Therapy Solutions our goal is to treat you like a part of our family. We believe in the benefits of a holistic approach to medicine and will treat you with that in mind. When you come in, our focus is to help you to heal without the use of pain medicine, surgery or other invasive treatments.

Most of our patients are suffering from health-related issues interfering with their daily living and our goal is to give them a better quality of life with less pain, less medication, and more enjoyment.

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