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What exactly is a speech pathologist? A speech and language pathologist is an expert in communication whose job is to help you maximize that ability in yourself. If you’ve recently suffered a physical trauma that has affected your ability to speak, or if you have a speech-related disability – our experts are there to guide you in finding your voice.

The ability to communicate is one of our most basic and yet, one of the most complex rights of being a human in our American society. Whether you have always struggled with speech, or if it is a newfound misfortune for you due to a brain injury or some other phenomenon – the help of a dedicated speech pathologist is the key to claiming that right.

Our experts can help with more than just speech. Language pathologist treatments can include anything from social communication and literacy to things like fluency and vocal clarity. Speech impediments like stuttering or frequent mispronunciation of common words can happen as we develop, or begin randomly as a symptom of other health-related issues.

There are many factors that can affect one’s speech and communication, and not all of them come in the form of a sudden injury or accident. Degenerative diseases like arthritis, Parkinson’s, or Alzheimer’s can also affect your day to day bodily function. Whatever it is that is causing your impaired speech, there is a therapeutic speech pathologist to help you overcome it.

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For children, our pediatric speech pathologist can help to treat these issues early on with an abundance of love and encouragement to correct those habits before they form a more permanent root in the psyche. Adults and adolescents who suffer from these impediments may never have had the chance for such corrective measures as children, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s too late! Our speech pathologist treatments are available to one and all. It will require hard work and commitment to overcome, but clear communication is possible for you, too. Many people who have heard of speech pathology treatments think that they are only for children trying to unlearn improper speech habits. But, at our outpatient physical therapy clinic, it is used to help all those who may be struggling with day to day communication. For some, the unexpected loss of such normal skills from an accident or injury can be both devastating and confusing, but our therapists are there to guide you back to your true self. Where can I find a speech pathologist near me in Temple, TX? Impact Therapy Solutions offer this as part of our in/outpatient therapy clinic, along with services like:

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Call us today for more information and to schedule the start of your journey. While most of our patients come to us to recover after an injury or accident has rendered them in need of physical and mental recovery, anyone seeking the help of an speech pathologist is welcome to make an appointment. We exist to help you discover your best possible self.

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